The Charles C. W. Cooke Podcast

Episode 28: Three Beers and a Pipe Wrench

Episode Summary

On episode 28 of the Charles C. W. Cooke Podcast, Charles talks to Elbridge Colby about Taiwan, the Chinese Communist Party, and foreign policy realism. Before that, he answers a question about state senates and tries in vain to rescue Luther Abel from that strange howling sound in the control room.

Episode Notes

On this week's episode of The Charles C. W. Cooke Podcast—the first since Charles got a haircut—Charles talks to Elbridge Colby about Taiwan. Among the topics discussed are why Taiwan matters more to the United States and the West more generally than, say, the Falkland Islands; whether Americans are prepared for an invasion; if China is our biggest geopolitical threat; and, if it is, what this tells us about our ideal Ukraine policy.

Charles also answers a question: "Why do most state legislatures have a Senate?"

The dial-up tone in the introduction was recorded by lintphishx and is used under a CC 3.0 License.