The Charles C. W. Cooke Podcast

Episode 15: The Sound of Silence

Episode Summary

On episode fifteen, Charles starts by discussing the case of NHL player Ivan Provorov, whose decision to sit out a Pride event provoked many sports writers to call for his head. After that, he talks to Reason Magazine's Billy Binion about the disturbing case of Geraldine Tyler, a 94-year-old Minnesota woman who had her house stolen by the government. Then it's time for another Q&A, and, finally, this week's Jacksonville Jaguars Update. As a bonus: his kids shout "Duuuuvaaaal."

Episode Notes

On the fifteenth episode of The Charles C. W. Cooke Podcast, Charles looks at the case of hockey player Ivan Provorov, and argues that a tolerance for political silence should, in almost every imaginable circumstance, be the default position.

Charles's guest this week is Billy Binion, a writer at Reason who tells him about the many disturbing cases of equity theft we are seeing in states such as Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Alabama, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Maine. 

In the Q&A section, Charles answers questions about Florida's summer heat, his support for the Gators, and whether Americans are really as divided as the commentariat likes to believe. 

And, finally, it's time for another visit from John Ekdahl for this week's Jacksonville Jaguars Update: Kansas City Chiefs Edition.

The dial-up tone in the introduction was recorded by lintphishx and is used under a CC 3.0 License.